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Why do we need to say good things about ourselves or even need an introduction for that matter?
Well, being in the Wholesale Jewelry Business for over 30 years, there is hardly anything we missed and we want to make sure our consumers know a little bit about our company, partners, products and programs.
We have seen millions (yes, millions) of items varying in price from low to high end, latest in fashion and from the ugliest to the most beautiful designs. Many of these products come from nowhere and vanish in thin air forever.
Ablagon's jewelry section features only the best and the latest trends in the market. Our prices are less expensive than the retailers and the quality of the product is far better than some of the most expensive products in the market place. We have the most comprehensive selection of fashion jewelry on the internet. At ablagon, we pride ourselves in offering our customers the very best deals, excellent quality and ensure that every item - in every color, style, size and technical spec - is featured on the site at the lowest possible price. Look for our quantity discounted prices combined with our extra discount and occasionally FREE SHIPPING on orders placed in certain months or during promotional periods, thus helping buyers in getting the best prices on top of our already discounted prices.
Our interaction with thousands of customers worldwide taught us one thing, and that one thing is that no one is small or big and the customers are god's gift for a business and never ever try to treat them in any other manner than being nice to them.
With that being said, at Ablagon, the partners having a combined experience of over 35 years of sales and management have taken a pledge to treat our customers in the best possible way we can while always standing behind our products, no matter what! We are committed to bringing the best in Fashion Jewelry, Gifts, Accessories, Electronics as well as Alternative Medicine and occasionally, we will introduce our customers to special deals thus saving them a lot of money. As we take this pledge, we offer our customers a better way to save money. We do this by offering you, the consumer, cash vouchers which you can purchase with a discount of 5% to buy products in future.
How about our other feature…DISCOUNTED Gift Vouchers for friends, family or loved one's thus saving another 5%. Our new and upcoming feature helps those who are unable to buy items at one time, allowing them to purchase the opportunity to buy items at different times but offering the same discounts as if buying all at once. Simply select your item, choose Lay Away Plan and pay 10% every month and save 5% if paid all in ten months. We will save the item for you and right after you make the final payment with an automatic savings of 5%, your merchandise will be shipped to you. What a deal!
We believe in innovations and promise you to add amazing products and features every now and again. Your comments will help us improve our site and our services. Let us know if you can't find a product anywhere and our team will leave no stone unturned to get that item as soon as possible. All our products come with 30 days guarantee from the date you receive the order and are backed by our no ask return policy. We will either issue a store credit or refund your money right away. Since Gift Vouchers or Cash Vouchers do not have a cash value, they are non-refundable. Try buying the products in groups and see the prices drop. Or even better, Get automatic discounts of up to 10% by reaching specific totals. And, to award those who visit our site often, logging in gets you some more savings in the form of coupons which you will be e-mailed from time to time. Get free items with reward points which add up every time you shop with us. We demand service from others so it’s only fair that we give that same, if not, better service to our customers. Slow and steady wins the race and slowly we will win our customers. We will never be undersold and we stand 100% behind our products. Remember, it's your own e-store with wholesale prices.


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